How to measure a person for a walking stick


Physiotherapists recommend the following method of determining the correct height for a walking stick:


If the walking stick user is not present, for example when buying through the internet, they can determine how long their walking stick should be by asking another person to measure the distance from their wrist bone to the floor. The walking stick user should ensure they are standing correctly i.e. standing upright, in the type of shoes they usually wear, with their arms hanging naturally by their sides.


This will mean that the user's arm will be slightly bent at the elbow when they hold the stick, and their shoulder will be level. A stick that is too long will force the shoulder unnaturally high. A stick that is too short will force the user to stoop.


Please note that this information is a guide only. Consult your doctor or physiotherapist if you require specific, medical advice on this matter.



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